Shoes are like the main room of the accessory in the costume of a man. While you probably fit your shirt with your pants, it’s the opposite with shoes. A user will choose the shoes first and then decide costume. Then he decide what shirt and pants he would like to wear. They saying “love shoe is true love ‘means absolutely true for most men. Buying shoes is like a habit that no one wants to leave and no one complained either.

While you and I are big fans of shoes, I have a doubt we all know everything about shoes. Things like how to wear shoes, how to maintain, specifications, materials and other stuffs. Such things are still unknown to many of us. We know that shoes to buy, but we do not know exactly how to take care of them or how to check the quality of it.

For all of you more aware of shoes and specifications, here is a basic guide 7 points to help you all.


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