According to reports, Mika Singh might be thrown out of Comedy Nights Live for appearing on The Kapil Sharma Show

It was wrong on Mika’s part to shoot with Kapil: Krushna Abhishek

The spat between Kapil Sharma and colors looks to be taking newer turns currently. once the whole show hosted by Kapil was force down by the channel, the stand-up comedian determined to club with Sony to host his show. However, this conflict head southward once singer-composer Mika Singh shot an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show in Sony.

Mika Singh, who’s an integral a part of Comedy Nights live on colors, determined to be a part of The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony. Since each actor concerned in an exceedingly explicit show of a channel is supplied with a contract, the clause clearly mentions that the actor cannot enjoys a show for the other channel. Since Mika is a a part of colors, shooting for Sony created a spat with the channel producers.

The singer Mika Singh was seen on The Kapil Sharma Show along side West Indies’ cricketer Chris Gayle and singer Kanika Kapoor. though the trio had a gala time, this act didn’t impress the cast of Comedy Nights Live.

Host Krushna Abhishek expressed his dissatisfaction with a number one daily where he explicit that he was clearly upset with Mika’s act. Stating that such games won’t work well, he not solely known as Mika immature, but also went to say this was a giant mistake on the a part of the singer.

When contacted for clarification, Mika Singh cited no qualms regarding appearing in Kapil’s show. Stating that he’s a huge fan of Kapil, he not solely thought-about this show to be the best, however also explicit that this could be the simplest platform for his promotion.

Considering that the Sony channel or the CNL’s producers weren’t up on regarding Mika’s cameo within the Kapil Sharma Show, Mika’s act was clearly thought-about to be a breach of contract.

However, this isn’t the primary time that Krushna’s Comedy Nights Live has been within the limelight. Off late, news of the show being taken off-air has been creating rounds. As per rumors, it had been alleged that CNL are replaced by Bigg Boss 10 hosted by Salman Khan. Ever since the rumor mills were combust, Krushna took to offensive Kapil on his show without taking names.

Although, Krushna Abhishek has rubbished the rumors of the show going off air, the advancements of Mika creating an look on Kapil’s show speaks otherwise. till the channel makes an official statement, have a glance at the contention between the two comedy shows this far.




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