Does adding milk to green tea decrease the health benefits?

If you prefer tea, you most likely drink it for pleasure, not for its health edges. Over 2 billion folks within the world drink tea. Several acquired a habit to feature somewhat of milk to their regular cup of tea. It’s a matter of style, however scientists currently say that that drop of milk fully negate all the advantages tea can wear our health.

However is that possible?

Researchers at the Fifth International Scientific symposium on Tea and Human Health say that milk proteins bind with the flavonols in tea, creating it tougher for the body to soak up them and reap the health advantages. Green tea on its own, for instance, has been shown to slightly increase metabolism, creating it a potential aid to weight loss, however a separate study shows that metabolism is stifled once milk is added . Identical appears to be true for control blood pressure: tea on its own appears to assist, however the impact is diminished with milk.

There’s also a reason that milk isn’t drunk with green tea is historically rather a strict rule, as many of us do add milk to green tea as a personal preference. There’s nothing to prevent you drinking it the manner you wish to.Green-Tea_Jasmine_GT01

Adding milk to black tea didn’t begin till 1680 in Europe. The Chinese and Japanese ne’er add milk to their green teas as they believe it changes its delicate flavor. Tea contains several nutrients; flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins (C, E and K), caffeine and polysaccharides and is assumed that adding milk might change the absorption of those nutrients. Additionally thought to neutralize tannins and scale back acidity.

As we have a tendency to base the green tea on the normal technique of drinking the therefore the instructs to drink it without milk.


So here’s one idea: If you prefer black tea with milk and sugar, drink it with breakfast. Then, later in the day, try to add in a cup of green tea — nothing added.



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