Summers are tough on our entire system, but the one body part that suffers the most is our skin. Dehydration, sunburn, inflammation, and a host of other heat-related ailments plague us during this season. Watching out for the skin, and treating it promptly, is essential. 

We list eight homemade skincare remedies to help soothe and repair skin which has been wrecked by the harsh summer.

Curd and cucumber mask for oily skin

Blend an entire cucumber, including its peel, until it’s pulpy. Mix in thick, natural curd. Let it cool in the fridge. Apply and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

Curd and cucumber mask

Yogurt tightens, evens out, and brightens skin. Cucumber helps cool and reduce redness.

Apricot oil and honey mask for dry skin

This mask is for flaky, irritated, and dry skin. Mix a five rupee coin-sized amount of apricot oil with a tablespoon of honey. Apply it for as long as you wish, and gently remove with a wet washcloth.Apricot oil and honey mask

Apricot oil is a very underrated skin soother, and moisturiser. It works great on irritable skin, damaged because of use of chemicals or due to skin eczema. Honey has humectants, which help hold moisture, and it also helps regenerate damaged skin. The glow this mask lends to dry skin is unparalleled.

Oatmeal mask for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be dry or oily, so there are different oatmeal masks that one can use. For dry skin, mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with a tablespoon of full fat milk. Add honey, and apply. Keep the mask on for at least 10 minutes. This is excellent for dull, flaky, irritated, and parched skin.  Oatmeal mask

For oily skin, which is further aggravated because of the heat or acne, mix oatmeal with yogurt, and apply for 10 minutes. This calming mask will help reduce redness, and balance the dermis.

Chamomile and hemp seed mask for inflamed skin

Hemp seeds contain THC—the main ingredient found in marijuana— which is why this seed is also known as bhang beej in Hindi. This makes an excellent anti-inflammatory. Chamomile tea has similar calming properties. Chamomile-Tea

To make this mask, strongly brew chamomile tea. Let it cool. Grind hemp seeds in a blender, and make a paste mixing it with the tea. Add a drop or two of lavender oil. Apply it, and let it sit for at least half an hour.  Wash off with cool water.

Warning: While lavender is a relaxant and soothing agent, essential oils can react with skin. So do a patch test before adding the lavender oil.

Cornstarch and potato mask for sunburnt skin

Add cornstarch to cool water till it becomes a paste. Wash and peel potatoes, and blend to a pulp in a food processor. Mix the two into a paste, and apply over burnt area. Rinse off properly.potato mask

Cornstarch is a good way to naturally soothe your sunburn. Potatoes have been known to work well on skin irritations and soothe burns, as well as reduce inflammation. Just make sure that your potato pulp has enough potato juice.

Aloe mask for sunburnt skin

Aloe vera, in itself, is a potent skin healer. It soothes burning and stinging skin like nothing else. For this mask, you can either purchase bottled aloe vera, or use it straight from a plant.Aloe mask

When using a plant, slit the leaves open and scoop out the gel. Apply it on your skin. Rinse off whenever desired.

Cucumber, potato, and tomato toner for de-tanning uneven skin

While tans are great for that beachy glow, the unevenness that comes as a result is unfortunate. To combat this, we suggest making a homemade toner using the juices from cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes. 310257469

Juice the three vegetables, and apply it on to tanned skin. It de-tans the affected area, making the skin brighter. However, remember that tomatoes can be quite harsh on burnt skin, so do not use this after a sunburn.

Tea and crocin mask for sunburnt skin

For this, brew black tea and mix it with crushed aspirin to create a paste. Apply on burnt area to reduce pain, and redness. Wash off.tea

Painkillers like paracetamol, or crocin, help relieve pain and inflammation due to their analgesic properties. The tannic acid in black tea helps draw heat from sunburnt skin, subsequently restoring the skin’s pH balance.

We hope these treatments help your skin enjoy the summer!

 source – Google


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