A Mother Sends a Magnificent Message to her Busy Son!

मेरी हंसी में छुपे आसूं ढूढ लेती हे.
अब भी रात भर जग के मेरे फ़ोन का इंतजार कर लेती हे
मीलों दूर रह कर भी में भूखा हूँ जान लेती हे
माँ सब समझ लेती हे, मॉ , माँ होती हे

She’s the terribly definition of the term “unconditional love” . Since I was a kid til now , she is aware of everything. From what color you wish to wear what’s your favorite dish . She is aware of she could be very busy and should not have time to spend along with her as in the recent days , however she is going to never give up pursuing care of himself .

So take a second out of your busy schedule, sit back and watch this heartwarming video of a mother who yet again knew ‘the right thing to send’. Her loving message to her busy child will bring tears to your eyes.

“Did You Hug Your Mother Today if not so do it now”


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