Land Rover Discovery Sport Pull 

100-Tonne train in Switzerland.

Land Rover 4×4 train pulls 100 tons – the equivalent of a Boeing 757 – on railway bridge within the extreme take a look at trailer

Onlookers stopped short after they noticed a vehicle towing a train of 100 tons – a similar weight as a Boeing 757 -on a railway bridge .

The Land Rover Discovery Sport was place to the ultimate check when the train stopped on six miles of track , 85 feet above the river Rhine in Switzerland.

The trick was performed to demonstrate the capabilities of £ 30,000 trailer vehicles.
Land Rover tows 100 ton TRAIN on railroad bridge

Residents watched because the car, that contains a maximum towing weight of 2.5 tonnes, pulled 3 train carriages – some 60 times its own weight.

The exercise occurred on the Hemishofen bridge – a historic steel span activity 935ft long and soaring 85ft abovethe valley floor.

Karl richards, an engineer at jaguar Land Rover, said: ‘Towing is in Land Rover’s dna, and despite Discovery Sport being the smallest model in the range, it has proven its exceptional towing capabilities.

‘I’ve spent most of my career traveling to the most hard components of the globe to check Land Rovers ineffortful conditions, however this can be the foremost extreme towing test I’ve ever done.


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