Is This Blue Wine The Next Drink?

When it involves wine, we’re used to red and white, perhaps a bit rose now and again. however winemakers Gïk set to shake up the wine business with a surprising new wine color: blue. Their blue wine is also sourced from native grapes, however it’s not like most wines found in European nation or the rest of the world.

Blue Wine glass-magzian

Red, white or Rose is clearly pass. The Spanish company has introduced a blue Gik wine for your wine lovers drinkers.

The thought of a wine blue is that the creation of six Spanish businessmen who believed that the “wine business ‘lacks a bit of revolution'” which “wanted to make something really innovative . ” The blue color was chosen as a result of it “represents the movement, innovation, fluidity, change, and time.”

Blue Wine glass-magzianGik is made from red and white grapes that functions as the base wine.

Its bright blue color comes from the addition of grape skin pigments and dyes plant known as anthocyanins and indigo, respectively. the corporate claimed that the merchandise took two years of in-depth analysis, with close collaboration with several leading technology institutes in the food business.

Now the wine is sold online to customers in Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. every bottle prices about $11 and contains 11.5% alcohol.


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