We Just Can’t Stop Laughing At Rishi Kapoor’s Tweet About The Zara Sale

Rishi Kapoor’s is known for his funny observation on life, world and his hilarious tweets. He recently visited a  fashion-savvy branded goods stores named Zara where he found stylishly ripped top and jeans. He posted a picture on Tweeter and captioned: “Buy two, get one begging bowl free”.



The Kapoor and Sons actor just tweeted this funny remark about the on-going online sale at ZARA

Rishi kapoor tweet 2-magzianWhile most people admire Rishi for his humor saying: “Chintuji, you are hysterical!” But folks sometimes don’t get his humor, just as he doesn’t get Zara’s fashion. To recall, in 2015, the actor had briefly retired from Tweeter after being hurt but fortunately he returned and continues to entertain us.

Rishi kapoor’s fans can’t stop laugh over it. Even Karan Johar couldn’t stop himself from laughing on this brilliant one-liner. Here’s what he commented…Rishi tweet1 -magzian


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