Pulkit Samrat wants some lessons in good manners ASAP.

The actor recently misbehaved with the photographers at the Domestic airport in Mumbai (Pulkit abuses and nearly hits a photographer; Yami was around the corner, June 25). Turns out, that wasn’t the sole disgraceful episode coming back from Pulkit.

Before one among the promotional activities within the city, Pulkit had a argument with the makers of the film. The actor felt that the makers are rather stingy and haven’t promoted the film enough.

Seething in anger, Pulkit went within his room to get prepared for the event. However he wasn’t done. The actor was positive he wanted his producers to pay through their noses.

So he asked his hairstylist, what proportion it’ll value if he breaks a table or one among the doors of the room. A dismayed hairstylist didn’t respond, carrying on along with his work instead.Pulkit-Samrat

Next, he noticed an elaborate maharajah chair within the room and instantly picked it up to fling it across the room!

Not simply that, he informed the hotel-manager concerning the chair having broken into pieces and pointedly told him to gather the damages of Rs 50,000 from the producers!!

Pulkit, we understand that your picture sank at the box-office. However don’t you think that it’s rather convenient to point the fault on the producers and their lack of promotional activities? Does one very believe your film would have witnessed a smashing opening, had the promotions been on an over-sized scale!

Your acting skills weren’t your strongest point, to start with. And with these two consecutive episodes, appears like even your public behavior isn’t your sturdy suit.

Stop barking up the incorrect tree in an wild manner. NOW.

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Article source : spotboye


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