Big Bazaar Celebrates Neki Ka Mahina is a Beautiful Combination of Humanity and Religion

Starring Sayani Gupta and Archana Puran Singh, this announcement by the retail store, Big Bazaar, remained faithful to the occasion of Ramzan.

In today’s time ad makers are making beautiful and meaningful ads. They are trying to connect the brands with masses. They are creating stories which are close to our everyday life and unite people. This new Big Bazaar Ramadan #NekiKaMahina Ad beautifully showcases the fact that how people give first priority to humanity and then religion

Sayani Gupta plays the role of a Muslim doctor, known as far from breaking their fast after sunset due to a medical emergency of a young female patient waiting.

After delivery is successful , she visits the patient’s family, who are visibly northern india and not islamic. Archana,who plays a GED-family middlea patient is moved by his dedication from the previous day and welcomes you to break your fast with them.

The month of goodness, the month of Ramadan. Good deeds do not go unnoticed.

“Neki Mubaarak”#NekiKaMahina (best wishes for goodness), as the ad says.



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