This new lipstick everyone is talking about

Pucker up, there’s a brand new tone in the town, and is based on how you are feeling.

Kailijumei-lipsticks-magzianThis lipstick is nothing like you’ve seen before.According to the company, the lipsticks are moisturizing, and like new in M.A.C. changing balms lip color, the formula will change color on your lips (the company says that this variation is based on the temperature of your body, however most makeup that changes color works because of the properties of shadow changes from red 27.)this is what’s looking like skin:

The beauty of makeup is that creates us look young, fresh and filled with energy. in the case of lipsticks, the Chinese based company known as Kailijumei have gone a couple of steps ahead. to start with, their lipsticks are:

a) A gel base.
b) Real flowers, along with gold flecks are enclosed in it.
c) That changes color depending on their body temperatures and level pH.

Why is it going viral?

The Shade Changes

The lipstick looks transparent, but it actually produces a glossy pinkish tint, which differs according to your body temperature; the warmer you are, the darker the shade. The brand currently offers four flower variations, Flame Red, Hot Pink, Minute maid and Barbie Doll Powder.

It Looks Really Pretty

One of the main selling points of the lipstick is, obviously, the flower inside the bullet. The flower can be removed once you’ve used up enough of the bullet to reach it. Or as the good people at Kailijumei said, “Just stop using it.”

Product creators say it’s the colder temperature, brightness seem pinker, so are guessing that all lipsticks seem a bit shade of pink around the world. though these lipsticks are super nice, it’s better to proceed with caution in shopping for one (though you may need to wait a while until then currently sold out on the site). according to a Reddit thread, the product may be sold through places like AliExpress, that has been known to sell counterfeit goods. According Kailijumei web site, lipsticks contains natural ingredients like resin candelilla, cocoa butter, beeswax and lavender oil. For now, we are happy simply looking at these beauties.


These impressive Kailijumei flower jelly lipsticks give an out sized lavatory color the same as the shade of the flower in every suit. the company claims that the shadow can become pinker as your temperature decreases.what’s more, these lipsticks are fabricated from natural ingredients like organic compound candelilla, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, citric acid, plant extracts, stearyl alcohol, oil grape seed lavender oil.

The product is sold on its website: You at $ 30. It comes in 3 shades – particularly, Minute Maid, Fire Red and powder Barbie doll.

So, guys, you now know what to buy his girlfriend. These lipsticks square measure presently out of stock on their web site, however you’ll be able to attempt search licensed and suggested websites stores as there square measure counterfeit product sold within the lesser far-famed websites and retail stores.

So, guys, you now know what to buy your girlfriend. These lipsticks are currently out of stock on their website, but you can  try looking for it at authorized stores and recommended websites as there are counterfeit products being sold on lesser-known websites and retail stores.


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