Fries in Kerala got Extra Fried with 14.5% ‘Fat Tax’

“The Fat Tax might not stop kids from eating food altogether. however there definitely be a drop in consumption as a result of several parents will place their foot down when it involves spending a lot of,” said Amar fettle, a senior pediatrician.

Like a smoke tax and an alcohol tax, a fat tax would dissuade kids from eating a lot of energy dense foods.Worldwide, fatness rates have prompted governments to think about imposing a tax to slow sales of food laden with saturated fat and sugars.

Kerala’s ‘fat tax’ on pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and tacos announced has been hailed as a very important public health measure.

“The fat tax is one in every of the most vital public health moves this government has created. finance ministerT.M. Thomas isaac should be congratulated. we are the second most obese State. Over 10 per cent of our adolescent girls are already experiencing various effects of fatness like Polycystic ovarian Syndrome,” said S. Sivasankaran, faculty member of cardiology, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology.

Kerala has additionally levied a 5 per cent tax on packaged wheat products like atta, maida, suji, rava andpackaged basmati rice. coconut oil, a Kerala staple, was chosen for an additional 5 per cent tax to help raise coconut procurement value.

Denmark introduced a surcharge a few years ago on foods that contain over 2.3 per cent saturated fat, drawing criticism about excessive paperwork. it was abolished in 15 months.

Although the end result continues to be being debated, the British Medical Journal said a year ago that consumption of ‘junk food’ fell in Danmark by 10 to 15 per cent and also the Danish Government could have reaped the dividends, had it stuck to its call.



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