OMG : Fish Rain on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Normally, you’d have seen and heard of hail rained here. however nowadays we are going to tell you about a’d be very shocked in the Sunkr. Mumbai-Pune highway in the afternoon it rained fish. whereas the rain has gone viral videos and photos on Facebook.

According to information posted in Social Media, many people in the photos lying on the Mumbai-Pune main road appear to take biceps.

According to several kilometers from the similar fish were lying on the road. they are vying to take on the road was choked. whereas traveling on the highway to make the carts prophylaxis were lifting the fish.

Also, some people created the entire event video from your mobile phone and put it on Facebook and Twitter.however officially confirmed this rain is not from the local administration. As a reminder, this is not the first time. Earlier, in June 2015 a similar rain of fish was in the village Golmundi Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.


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