Food? Food?

Did someone just say food? Well, if you are one among those, I am sure you would be facing a lot of problems getting back in shape. Aren’t you? Yes? Let me tell you it’s not as easy as you think nor as difficult as it seems. All you need it little care and dedication towards self, which I’m sure isn’t that difficult or challenging? Also, another easy way of changing from fat to fit is by replacing a few everyday food items with some other healthy ones. Watch this out and Replace your daily foods with these inexpensive items

1. Replace rice with quinoa.

Magzian-1 (1)

2. Mayo with mustard.

Magzian-1 (2)

3. Soda with tea.

Magzian-1 (3)

4. Vegetable oil with coconut oil.

Magzian-1 (4)

5. Sour cream with Greek yogurt.

Magzian-1 (5)

6. Potato chips with no-butter popcorns.

Magzian-1 (6)

7. White flour with coconut flour.

Magzian-1 (7)

8. White sugar with stevia.

Magzian-1 (8)

9. Bread crumbs with chia seeds.

Magzian-1 (9)

10. Salt with Himalayan crystal salt.

Magzian-1 (10)

11.Peanut butter with almond butter

Magzian-1 (11)


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