What if guys acting like women on Instagram.

The hilarious account – called Bros Being Basic – parodies the poses often adopted by the opposite sex when modeling for their own social media-bound photographs. Well, There’d be more hairy hot dog legs and mustachioed pouts than you could shake a selfie stick at.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what all the fun is about.

# Group Hands On Butts

instagram- (39)-magzian

#  There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Motherhood

instagram- (38)-magzian

#  Just Opened My Cosmetics Gift Box

instagram- (37)-magzian

# Kim Kardashian Pregnancy

instagram- (36)-magzian

# Trip To Burger King

instagram- (35)-magzian

# Sun’s Out Buns Out

instagram- (33)-magzian

# Pretending To Be A Mermaid

instagram- (32)-magzian

# Luxury Hotel Treatment

instagram- (31)-magzian

# Countdown to Wedding Day

instagram- (30)-magzian

# Follow Me To The Weekend

instagram- (29)-magzian

# Treat Yourself Tuesday

instagram- (28)-magzian

#Because Mondays Are Made For 2 Cupcakes Not Just 1

instagram- (27)-magzian

# Drinking Wine With Your BFF In Front Of The TV

instagram- (26)-magzian

# The First Day Of Spring

instagram- (25)-magzian

# Me And My Healthy Breakfast Bowl

instagram- (24)-magzian

# Mermaid

instagram- (23)-magzian

# Girl’s Night In With Netflix

instagram- (22)-magzian

#Brushing Your Teeth While Naked

instagram- (34)-magzian

# Relaxing In The Bath With The Mud Pack

instagram- (21)-magzian


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