At times, we tend to get late for events and eventually end up making a mess while getting ready. Fumbling is not what is required at that moment; all you need is some of these simple beauty hacks and shortcuts along with a little patience.

Chapped lips

All you need is some warm olive oil for your belly button in the night before you sleep. In two to three days, you will observe them recover far more quickly than applying those chapsticks 12 times a day!

The trick to smell good always

To smell fragrant all day long, you need a good fragrance and to know the spots where they are needed the most. The inside of the wrist, earlobes, the back-end of your knees and the base of your throat are some of the basic zonal areas.

When you don’t have time for shampoo

No time to get a shower and still need to wash your hair? Dry clean them with baby powder. Comb through hair roots to tips and then your dry shampoo is done!

How to renew your old mascara

Renew an old mascara tube with a saline solution or by adding some salt water to the mascara. Keep it for some time and check if it’s wet again.

Never dry your hair like this!

Drying your locks with a towel? The bad thing about this is it bruises your locks and damages the texture and quality of your hair. So, it is preferably suggested to use a worn out T-shirt for the same.

Don’t get bogged down by lipstick stains

Lipstick stain? Wipe it off with some shaving cream on a wet towel or cloth. In sometime, watch the magic.

For fuller eyelashes

Need fuller lashes for your look? Just dip a swab of cotton into baby powder and run it across the lashes once the mascara is applied, your work is done!

When you never get the eye-liner correctly, turn to this

Image Courtesy: Rocketqueen.Tumblr

Want perfect cat eye-liner every time? Try this simple triangle trick!

New hair color looks fake?

Match your eyebrows to the colour of your hair roots for a natural look but be specific about the shade.

The art of locking the moisture on your face

Remember always to condition your face regularly and lock the moisture with rose water spray even when you are outside.

Pedicure at home

To exfoliate dry feet, use coconut oil and brown sugar and massage in a circular motion. It will get dead skin off your feet in minutes!

Right way of getting rid of puffy eyes

Puffy eyes in the morning? Use teabags or chilled spoons to decrease the puffiness around your eyes.

Fragrant and fresh locks

Pull out the excess oil from your scalp by dipping a cotton swab in fresh lime juice at the root area, making them fragrant all day long.

Fight masacra woes with…

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Avoid mascara smudges with a spoon by holding the spoon over your eyelid. Apply mascara and remove the spoon with precision.

Smell good always

Want to boost your scent? Just apply some Vaseline over the areas before you spray.

For a matte effect

You can use eye shadow over your lipstick. This trick is great for nail paints too!

Put mascara for some good use here

To cover greying roots, use your mascara. Apply it carefully in your parting, making sure, you don’t smude any on the scalp.

Convert normal shampoo into an anti-dandruff one

Add 2 crushed aspirin to your regular shampoo and make it a dandruff relief product. Try it on, it works!

For wavy hair

Image Courtesy (R): Mybodyskincare

For quick waves, twist your hair and iron them with a straightener.

Lip balm for manicure

Use lip balm around your nails for a perfect manicure.

Nail the perfect ponytail look

Image Courtesy:

For a longer, fuller ponytail, try making two ponies above one another.

Coconut oil as makeup remover

Don’t want to spend money on expensive makeup removers? Use coconut or baby oil to remove your makeup.

So, now that you know all these beauty hacks and shortcuts, getting ready for impromptu evenings shouldn’t be a hassle anymore!


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