The hotel room with no walls or ceiling – but you’ll still want to stay there

Null Shtern breaks all the stereotypes about fancy hotels. There is literally nothing in there except for a bed and a couple of bedside tables. No doors, no walls, no ceiling — just breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps around you. ‘We got rid of all the walls, so nothing can come between you and your experience,’ one of the founders of this original hotel says of this unique ’design.’ By the way, in German, the hotel’s name translates to ‘Zero Stars.’ But you get a billion stars above you anyway!


The hotel is located 6,463 feet above sea level right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The room costs about $210 per night.

A construction crew had to flatten the land to install the bed.

This hotel has no walls, no roof, no bathroom — only a queen bed and a couple of bedside tables and lamps. A public bathroom is a five-minute walk away.

Instead, the hotel offers panoramic views of the mountains and the stars at night. The whole of Switzerland becomes the hotel!

But, like a regular hotel, Null Shtern provides room service (in the form of a personal butler).

The butler lives in a nearby cabin.

He cooks breakfast and dinner for the guests and delivers the meals while they are in bed.

Fortunately, reservations can be canceled at the last minute due to poor weather.


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