They boast the most incredible scenery and offer free education. Their populations are among the most positive and kind in the world. Does this sound like a fairytale? We’re actually talking about real life. National Geographic has put together a list of the happiest countries in the world using data supplied by the UN. We at Magzian would love to visit each and every one of these wonderful places!


Sweden is a country whose population consistently shows a high level of satisfaction with life. Their secret is the Swedish tradition of Fika, the word used to describe the habit of taking a break from work to go and drink coffee and discuss news with friends. These little sessions last just 15 minutes but take place every two hours. Given this habit, it’s little surprise to learn Sweden is one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.


Australia has very low levels of pollution, high levels of civic engagement, and tight-knit communities. The reason for this, people say, is all down to Australians’ love of barbecues. People are always arranging get-togethers in local parks in order to spend time and socialize with their friends. But if you don’t have any Australian friends, you can always go on the BBQ and XXXX Brewery tour to meet some. You’ll also get the chance to visit breweries and try traditional Australian meat dishes.

New Zealand

How can you not be happy when you’re surrounded by blue mountains, incredible wild nature, and all kinds of other breathtaking views? Low levels of pollution and the most diverse wildlife in the world make New Zealanders some of the happiest people.

The Netherlands

The inhabitants of the Netherlands stand out for their high levels of physical activity and love of riding bikes. They’re quite rightly proud of the system of safe bike tracks they’ve created, which stretch for 30,000 km. If you’re lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, don’t forget to hire a bike and a guide.


One of the largest countries in the world, Canada is a real paradise for travelers. The citizens of this great country can take pride in the multitude of beautiful national parks, full of majestic rocky mountains and wide open spaces. You only have to look at these life-affirming vistas to understand why Canadians are such happy people.


All your cares and problems will momentarily evaporate once you enter a traditional Finnish sauna. Despite its small population — just 5.2 million people — Finland has 3.3 million saunas, which can be found almost everywhere, from the shores of lakes to office buildings.


Norwegians are very proud of their magnificent natural surroundings and treat them with the utmost responsibility. It’s said that climbing one of the country’s tallest mountains (known as Skala) can free a person of all their cares and worries. In virtually any corner of this incredible country, you can put up a tent and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the world around you.


Volcanoes, wild beaches, hot springs, and an incomparable landscape — all of these things make the people of Iceland some of the happiest on Earth. Indeed — how could you not feel joy lying in the warm blue waters and taking in these views?


A country with so many varieties of chocolate available cannot, by definition, be unhappy. But the people of Switzerland are also very keen on the healthy lifestyle — many of them enjoy skiing, kayaking, and paragliding. It’s no surprise to find, therefore, that the country boasts the lowest level of obesity in the world.


Denmark is believed to be the happiest country on Earth. And it’s not only because they enjoy completely free healthcare and education. Its inhabitants are proud of their sense of cohesion. They’re also the kind of people who will readily invite you round for a cup of tea even if they barely know you.


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