Youth is a time of tremendous energy and spontaneous actions. It’s a period when time goes so slowly, and it seems that everything is still ahead and life will be eternal. We often tell ourselves, ’I’m still young. I still have time to travel, learn foreign languages, find someone special…’ But we often find that time passes more quickly than we think. So don’t waste your time dreaming about your life — live your dreams!


Today, we here at Magzian share a list of great things that you should try today without waiting for ’the right time.’

1. Watch sunrise in an unusual place

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Whether it’s the Troll’s Tongue in Norway, a small island in the ocean, or the roof of a high-rise building in your native city, any place will work. Just leave your bed with the gentle rays of morning sun, and don’t forget to make a wish as you watch a new day begin.

2. Take a trip

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They say that people who spend money on travel rather than clothes and useless things are much happier. Sometimes even a small trip to a neighboring city can open a new world to you, let alone visiting foreign countries!

3. Find time for your younger brother or sister

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 lot of things to do, but they will never regret the time spent with their younger siblings. They grow up very quickly, and you may find that you have lots in common.

4. Don’t dream about kitesurfing! Do it!

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Do you like playing the violin or dancing hip-hop? Or maybe you have read everything there is to know about skateboarding or kitesurfing? If so, it’s definitely time to move from theory to practice!

5. Conquer your fears

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Fears of the dark, heights, or water are actually a very common thing. But it is better to challenge your phobias and become stronger and free.

6. Don’t pass by those who need your help

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Perhaps you can do a little magic for someone who really needs it. You can start with something small at first, like donating some food to your local animal shelter.

7. Bring your most incredible idea into reality

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You can definitely do it! Even taking the first step towards your dream is a small victory.

8. Find time for studying

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Exams always come sooner than you think! Don’t make excuses to delay your preparation. Take every possibility to revise the material.

9. Compete to achieve more

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The spirit of competition will help you achieve better results in any area, whether it be cooking, architecture, design, cinema, or archaeology. Just keep working hard!

10. Take every opportunity to learn from a master

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Of course, trial and error is sometimes the only way to gain experience. But you can significantly reduce your mistakes if you find a wise teacher.

11. Go to carnival with your friends

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Unforgettable impressions, vivid emotions, and the pulsating energy of life. This event is not to be missed!

12. Realize your childhood dream


Childhood dreams have no boundaries! We imagine ourselves in a variety of scenarios and want to become astronauts or firefighters. So what’s stopping us from fulfilling our dreams?

13. Dance in the puddles in an unknown city!

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Enjoy your youth and the freedom that comes with it. Look to the sky and rejoice at the sun, wind, or rain. Be happy no matter what!

14. Find the courage to be yourself

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When it comes to creativity, no fear and no obstacle should stop you from doing what you want to do! Just let yourself go and be yourself!

15. Fight for your love!

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. The tough times in your life can either strengthen or weaken your relationship. It’s your individual choice which will make the difference.

16. Don’t be afraid to get dirty making our planet cleaner

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We have only one home in this vast universe: our beautiful Planet Earth. Let’s take care of it!

17. Decide to quit at least one bad habit

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None of us are perfect. We all have a bad habit or two that we could do without. Decide on one you can quit today, and take action towards your goal.

18. Show your creativity

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Add more color and excitement to your monotonous days. Be creative everywhere — at home, work, or at leisure. Even a regular walk in your neighborhood can turn into a fascinating adventure.

19. Hang out with your friends around the campfire. And no gadgets allowed!

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Modern technology gives you plenty of ways to socialize. Discussions on social networks, online conferences, and Skype chats can help you stay in contact with your close friends. But spending an evening around the campfire recounting stories of old times will be a much more memorable experience.

20. Talk to your granny

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You are mistaken if you think that your granny is an expert only in cooking. Our grandmothers have a lot of secrets, and having a heart-to-heart talk with your granny can be more effective than expensive psychiatric counseling sessions.

21. Observe natural phenomena not only via the Internet

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Even the most advanced screen can’t convey the true beauty of nature. Slow down your pace, feel the wind, smell the air. Listen to the birds, and watch the sky.

22. Join a dance club

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When you have rhythm inside you, nothing can prevent you from dancing…not even some extra pounds! Dancing has no restrictions when it comes to age, size, or body shape. Just dance with all your heart and feel the freedom.

23. Don’t be afraid of responsibility

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There are choices that only you can make. If we take responsibility for someone’s life, we become wiser and happier.

24. Remember, the whole world is open to you!

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Sometimes life puts us through a harsh trial, but it is also full of happy and memorable moments. When you are young, the whole world is open to you! Don’t forget about it.


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