DJ Bobby Deol Plays Gupt Songs at a Delhi Club, Guests Demand Refund

Ouch! Bobby, Why You do This! 

We’re sure byDJ Bobby Deol-magzian now you’d know about the fact that Bobby Deol has turned into a DJ. Well, now that he really has no Bollywood movies coming up, you might think it’s great that he’s channeling his creative energy into something like DJing. But ask the fellows who were partying at a Delhi club recently, and they might not agree with you. Well, according to a recent report on Deccan Chronicle, Bobby Deol was recently playing at a high-end Delhi club a while back.

According to a source, Bobby played the tracks from his old film Gupt throughout the night! Yes, that happened! And by the end of the night, the people at the club were left fuming, and were seen asking for a refund from the hotel officials!


The source said, “It was a sold out event for Bobby’s opening act. Bobby began the night with the signature melody of his popular 1997 thriller Gupt, and kept playing tracks from the movie on loop throughout the party, which continued into the wee hours of the morning. At the end of the night, a bunch of people were seen angrily asking for a refund from the manager and hotel officials. The crowd was absolutely incensed as the tickets were priced from Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,000. However, Bobby had left the venue by the time the commotion began.”

Watch the songs of Gupt here:


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