DIY Fringe Skirt

I’ve been feeling an affinity with texture recently when it comes to what I wear, and nothing has more texture (and makes you want to shimmy) more than a fringe skirt! And if you can make it yourself? All the better.

This is a very simple update project and is great because you probably have a black skirt lying around in your closet that’s just dying for a tweak. This one was in my charity shop pile but I thought that it was high time I got creative. Something perfect for the weekend, just layer with tights if you’re still deep in the winter time. Time to make a DIY Fringe Skirt!

You Need

  • PINS

1. Starting from the centre back, pin the tassel the hem of your skirt.

2. As the tassel wraps towards the front, start tapering the tassel upwards towards the waistband.

3. Once you’re happy with the position of the tassel, sew it into place. For our tassel trim, we had to remove the extra thread that stopped the tassels from getting tangled.
Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

 Time to shimmy our way into the weekend! Hope you have a good one! Ps there’s a tutorial up on Instagram stories now about how to make a GIF like this. Follow me to watch it. Hurry before it’s gone!
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