10+ DIY Fails That Are So Terrible It’s Impossible Not To Laugh At

With so many tutorials flooding the Internet lately, you’d think people would have the hang of this DIY craft thing by now. They don’t. They’re still failing and it’s still hilarious.

We get that directions are sometimes hard to follow. It’s totally true that things rarely look the same as on the screen. Come on, though. Did these people even try?

Have a look, and a laugh, at some of the worst outcomes of best intentions we could find below. If your DIY project didn’t go as planned either, add it to our list below, because there’s no shame in failure if you at least put in 50% effort.

#1 Nothing Rhymes With Fire Orange

#2 Toddler Swing

#3 Lace Eggs

#4 Nail Design Fail

#5 Winter Cap

#6 Crochet Hippo Fail

#7 Swirl Nails Fail

#8 Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

#9 Button Bowl

#10 Melted Crayon Art Attempt


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