The 6 Best Affordable Brands to Boost Your Office Dressing Game

The increasingly murky waters of professional dressing in 2016 can be tough to navigate. With a few relatively stuffy, mass-market holdovers still dominating the market when it comes to office attire, shopping for a new gig can be downright soul-crushing. Happily, a new generation of brands is aiming to make that task at least a bit less daunting. Whether your workplace is freewheeling and anything-goes or skews toward spruce suiting, we’ve rounded up six affordable resources (some classically “workwear” and some anything but) for the next time it comes to stocking your office wardrobe.

The label: Argent

Why you’ll love it: For the professional workplace where more eccentric wardrobe solutions aren’t necessarily the order of the day, Argent is a bona fide godsend. Their blazers and pants come with helpful details at a price that can’t be beaten.
What to shop: A slim-lapel stretch blazer and cropped trousers.

The label: Vetta
Why you’ll love it: Just five powerhouse pieces that mix and match to create 30 outfits, Vetta’s sustainably produced designs might make for a minimalist’s fondest dream, but come up strong on stylish possibilities.
What to shop: A languid, double-breasted vest and cropped blouse to team with your high-waisted skirts.

The label: Stylestalker
Why you’ll love it: Another import from Oz, Stylestalker’s flashier designs may be a mainstay of celebrities who go hard for glitz, but look closer, and the brand offers its fair share of dressing solutions for those of us who still have 9-to-5 gigs. See longline vests and tie-waist trousers.
What to shop: A monochromatic blazer and skirt set in unexpected cranberry.

The label: Genuine People
Why you’ll love it: Trend-driven styles from the bicontinental brand are inspired by the past-meets-present dynamism of its home base cities (Shanghai and San Francisco), coming up strong on kick edge and wearability.
What to shop: Graphic little shifts and luxe-looking handbags.

The label: Alexis
Why you’ll love it: Founded by mother-daughter power, the brand offers an ultra feminine take on modern dressing for the day. Think full sleeves, frothy but unfussy lace dresses, peplums, and bow detailing.
What to shop: Wide-leg polka-dot trousers and statement-making blouses.

The label: Réalisation
Why you’ll love it: With a bevy of darling, retro-inspired prints and a price point that means you can stock up, this Aussie label’s tea dresses will fly in a host of workplaces, and layer nicely over smart trousers if showing some leg isn’t the order of the day.
What to shop: The Ozzie, an empire-waist number in a kicky pansy print.


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