India is a land shrouded in mystery. Besides being home to the world’s oldest civilization, it’s full of places that experience some unusual phenomena. While scientists try really hard to prove reasons behind these bizarre phenomenon’s, many places are beyond scientific explanations

1) Lepakshi’s Hanging Pillar


Located in Andhra Pradesh, the Lepakshi Temple is home to exquisite sculptures of various gods and goddesses. But pilgrims don’t just travel here for worship.

Of the 70 stone pillars that support this structure, one of them hangs from the ceiling, with its base elevated above the ground. You can even pass a sheet of paper or thin cloth under it!

2) Kodinhi, The Land Of Twins

Travel to the Malappuram district in Kerala, and you’ll find a quaint little village called Kodinhi.It’s a regular village, except that nearly everyone born in this village has a twin! Head over to this village and you’ll feel like you’re seeing double. Scientists have attributed this high occurrence of twin births to the chemicals in the water consumed here.

3) Get Magnetised In Leh Ladakh 


The magnetic hill in Ladakh has mystified travelers for generations.

On the Srinagar-Leh highway, you’ll see the road sloping upward. And yet, if you turn off your engine and allow your vehicle to stand still, it slowly starts to move upward. This phenomenon is said to be due to the magnetic pull of this hill.

4) Blood Rain In Idukki

Between 25th July and 23rd September 2001, Idukki in Kerala experienced heavy downpours of red-coloured rain. This mysterious phenomenon has occurred several times since and scientists are still trying to accurately determine its cause.

5) Immortal Flame In Jwala Ji Temple

The Jwala Ji Temple is a holy shrine located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This location is sacred because the hollowed pit inside the temple contains a flame that is said to have been burning continuously for the last century.

6) Jatinga’s Suicidal Birds 

An otherwise tranquil village, Jatinga, in Assam, turns into a land of depression during the monsoon. At least for some species.

In this season, migratory birds flying over the village lose their minds and dive headlong into trees, buildings, poles, and anything else they can find, resulting in their immediate death.

7) Buoyant Stones At Rameshwaram

In the Ramayana, Ram was told that if they inscribed his name on stones and placed them in the water, the stones would float and he could form a bridge all the way to Sri Lanka.

Turns out that this mysterious piece of information was actually true! Even today, tourists head to Rameshwaram just to see this floating bridge.

8) The God Of Visas In Chilkur

If you’re ever worried about getting your visa in time, just head to the Balaji Temple in Chilkur, Hyderabad. Indians from all walks of life come here to pray to the Visa God for their visas. Strangely enough, these people seem to get their visas soon after visiting the temple.

This is just a glimpse of the strangest places in India. The land is rich in history and the birthplace of numerous legends and myths. So it’s no surprise that some of these stories turn out to be true.



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