13 Things Every 20-Something Should Have in Her Wardrobe

The early twenties is all about new excitement, fun and a lot more experiences and learning that will probably mold your entire life. That is one of the crucial time of your life when you learn from your mistakes and constantly needs to be enlightened in a positive way. Talking about your fashion essentials, there are certain things that are going to stay pretty close to you during this phase of life and to make it easy for you, we listed 10 major fashion essentials for every girl in her twenties. Here they are-

1.A Party Shoe

A pair on which you can rely completely when you need them the most a.k.a, not the one who will carry a great disgrace for you, typically the one who will tremble your legs when you walk. It’s better to have one reliable pair handy in your shoe rack for days you wanna avoid any sort of disappointment.

 2.The Coolest Pajama

Your cool time at home should be as comfy and casual as it can be. What’s better than a cutesy pajama that will give you all the comfort at home that you seek for. A comfy pajama is our best bud and couldn’t agree more on this.

3.Comfortable Underclothes

20’s in woman witnesses hell lot of transformations physically and that is the time you need to invest in some good pair of lingerie that will give you the utmost comfort all the time saving you from the embarrassment a wrong pair can cause. Stock 2-3 pairs of such lingerie set handy and safe around yourself all the time in a separate drawer.

 4.The Perfect Moisturizer

The trail for the perfect moisturizer is never that easy, feel blessed if you accomplished this mission in your early twenties. Remember, finding the perfect moisturizer takes a hell lot of patience, dedication, experimentation and at the end only luck matters. Good luck!!

5.Nice Brush

because our hairs are our utmost priority when it comes to groom yourself. A nice brush is all you need that can not only detangle your hairs gently but will ultimately become your best partner wherever you go.

6.Tried-and-True Skinny Jeans

Our comfy denim is our partner for days when you can’t decide what to wear. Denim is effortless and super trendy ever since we were born and there’s nothing that can replace them ever from our life. However, finding a comfortable pair is not such an easy task, so better invest some time and get the best for yourself.

7.A Blazer

Your twenties can be the crucial time when you’ll appear for the interviews and meeting that are completely professional and can take you to new heights. Better to invest in a branded blazer which you can save for years with proper maintenance.

 8.A Timepiece

A watch gives off a very sophisticated message and there’s something impossibly cool about a chunky menswear-inspired style. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you still look at your phone for the time.

9.Cool Sunglasses

Living in a country like India, one can completely understand the need of a good pair of sunglasses(more than that for me). Sunglasses won’t just make you look super cool, they protect you from the direct UV rays that causes too much skin damage that you ever imagined.

10.A Killer LBD

No wardrobe is ever complete without a Little Black Dress that suits you the most and is often saved for the parties where you cannot afford a slip. There’s never a dull moment with an LBD and that is going to stay for quite a long time with you.

11.A good planner

Yes, we have smartphones these days, but don’t you think writing down every single thing in your journal or planner makes things easy daily. Keep them with you wherever you go and feel the great difference in your life.

 13.An Investment Bag

You should have one statement bag in your closet. Statement doesn’t mean Rs 10000+, but perhaps worthy of a splurge. Stick to neutral colors this way you’ll get the most use out of it.


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