She Strings Cotton Balls On Thread. Her Next Step Had All Her Neighbors Doing It Too

This easy and inexpensive project adds a little extra magic to your already fabulous winter wonderland. Just grab some thread, a bag of cotton balls and a little glue. Now you’re ready to go!


Easy As 1, 2, 3

Using your needle and white or beige thread, string your cotton balls one by one. You can make them all the same length or vary them to give the collection a more natural look!


Keep Them Secure

Leave space between the cotton balls for a “falling snow” illusion. To keep them in place, dab a bit of glue onto the thread before sliding the cotton ball into place.


The Perfect Way To Dress Your Tree

Compliment your other ornaments, ribbons and lights with this awesome natural-looking garland. See just how gorgeous your tree can be!


Hang Them Up For A Dreamy Winter Snowfall

If you want to try something a little different, but equally as beautiful, try hanging these strings of garland up along the ceiling. It’ll look like snow is falling right in your own home (without the sloshy mess)!


Cover Your Wall In A Sheet Of Mesmerizing Snow

Use push pins to attach your cotton ball garland to the ceiling. Clear push pins work the best!


Simplicity Is Key

These dainty strands of garland look great when they’re not overpowered by a ton of other decorations. Just remember to try to keep it simple!


Inside Or Out – It Works Either Way

No matter if you want to hang them along your living room walls or around your porch, these cotton ball garlands look great just about anywhere!


Snowy Window Display

It doesn’t make a difference if you’re a business owner or homeowner, these garlands look amazing when they’re strung up by the window. The bright backlighting from inside will make them pop!


Dress Your Mantel

Hang different sized cotton balls for an even more natural look. No two snowflakes are identical, so try to follow the same concept when making your garland!


Use It As An Accent Piece

You can also take your new magical garlands and intertwine them with your other Christmas decorations. They look best when paired with simple, natural pieces like you see below!


Another Cool Cotton Ball Project

You can make an eye-catching snow storm light with this fun craft. Even though the ladies in the video use it for a baby shower, we think it’ll look incredible hanging over your ceramic Christmas village!


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