Here is Every Coffee Lover’s Dream Come True Destination

Here is every coffee lover’s dream come true destination! We are not talking about the new coffee preparation in the joint near you! We are addressing a natural phenomenon that transforms the shorelines of an ocean into foam, which resembles coffee froth. Termed as ‘Cappuccino Coast’, this mysterious marvel seems like someone has poured loads of coffee and cappuccino milk into an ocean, and switched on a huge blender.

Surely, nature knows how to surprise us, and this time it is the Cappuccino Coast at Yamba in New South Wales, Australia. It not only gets the entire beach under its influence, but also the nearby buildings and local lifeguard’s center gets blanketed by the foam on beach. People here enjoy the coffeelicious bubble bath as they puff the bubbles out of their hands and watch them float away.

This creamy, fluffy and frothy beach has a mysterious explanation to offer. The foam created is due to the impurities that gush out from its waves. These impurities are mainly the salts, chemicals, decomposed fish, dead plants and excretions from seaweeds. They all are shaken and stirred together by the powerful currents causing them to form bubbles and later get carried to the shores. The more powerful the swirl is, the more foam it creates. And, that’s how Ocean Sea foam is formed. They are quite cool when touched. This is definitely the place wherein the swimmers can revel in its divine caress.

Although, this sea foam beach won’t taste as good as your coffee, your desire of dousing in a coffee bath will be fulfilled by this destination! Watch this amazing video of nature’s coffeelicious facet-

Watch video here

source- Nat geo


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