A MAN played a saucy prank on his girlfriend after tricking her into wearing vibrating knickers to dinner.

Ryan Hamilton – who runs YouTube channel Hammy TV – decided to give his stunning another half a special surprise as she was getting ready for their evening… and he caught it all on camera.

Ten minutes later and the pretty brunette is driving a car, with the couple picking up Ryan’s mom and letting her sit in the passenger seat.

Ryan’s unsuspecting girlfriend had supposedly forgotten that she still had on the special pants he’d given her before – and Ryan is quick to take advantage of the unfortunate scenario.

Joker Ryan begins to push the button on the remote control as his partner continues to drive.

At first, she manages to cover what is actually going on – despite jolting up in her seat – but soon bursts into fits of laughter.

Ryan’s bewildered mom asks: “She’s got the giggles, has she been drinking?” – but Ryan continues to buzz the knickers using the remote.

The vibrating continues, with the poor girlfriend getting more and more breathless each time.

After a while, she says: “Omg Ryan stop, this thing is powerful!”

At the end of the video, Ryan hands the remote to his mom – who also set off the pants


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