10 Craziest Selfie Gadgets To Take The ‘Art’ Of Selfie To A Whole New Level

The one thing that defines the internet- aside from porn, perhaps, is the selfie. The amount of effort that sometimes goes into taking one’s own image and the zest with which they’re shared by others via social media are astounding to say the least. Sociologists no doubt will be coming up with probably theories about this phenomenon for a long time to come. Meanwhile, the selfie-rage is not at all abating and as if to complement the craze, here are the craziest selfie gadgets that are bound to push the boundaries of the ‘art’ of selfie.

1. Belfie Stick

Created by the social network On.com, this one is essentially a selfie stick in reverse, the purpose of which you must have already guessed. Given how images of human read ends are so common in the net, no one is getting any prize for making the right guess.

2. Selfie Hat

It was for the London Fashion Week 2014 that Acer collaborated with a designer for the Selfie Hat. A non-wearable tablet case with a hat mounted on it was also made which was sold in limited numbers.

3. Selfie Drone

Apparently, this is a work in progress by Stanford post-doctoral researcher Christoph Kohstall. Called The Nixie, this is a wristwatch which once you make a simple gesture will fly off your wrist and take a photo or video of some action you’re performing-like climbing a mountain or generally things that’ll require both your hands- and once the shot is taken it’ll fly back to you.

4. Selfie Toaster

If ever you get an urge to eat your own image (well, you never know), you can make use of the toasters created by the Vermont based company, Burnt Impressions. It’s not an ordinary toaster and you cannot buy one in your neighbourhood superstore. To get one, you’ll have to send a high-resolution photo of your face along with the cost of the toaster. Your custom selfie toaster will be made in about a week’s time.

5. Selfie Brush

The Selfie Brush is an iPhone case. It has a mirror on the front and a brush on the backside, and if you’ve a nice face, you can take some pretty pictures using it.

6. Baby selfie app

This app was created by the dad of a 6 month old as an exercise for getting into Android development. In the app, animals will appear on the screen so that the screen will have baby’s attention. The child’s photo is also captured at the time.

7. Selfie T-shirts (Tees designed specifically to look good in selfies)

To avoid the frustration of getting everything in a selfie right-including your forehead, eyes, chin and even the nose, but the clothes ruin it all, you can make use of the selfie t-shirts that are designed by the Russian fashion designer Timur Kim. The tees which have designs mostly around the neck, shoulder and upper-chest regions, are quite pricey at $166. But, for a priceless image you just might go for one.

8. 3D printed mayonnaise selfie

You probably won’t be able to get the machine that does it since it was a custom creation that Mayonnaise maker Hellmann’s used. The printer was instilled in a foot truck. The customer could get their picture taken using a smartphone which would then be sent to the printer that will squirt your face onto a burger. The point? Aside from the promotional value, not sure.

9. Selfie Mirror

Created by iStrategyLabs, SELFIE-short for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine” is made of a cabinet that has a two-way mirror installed on a hinged door. To take a selfie, all you have to do is stand on a specially placed vinyl marker on the floor. The user’s image will then be shared in Twitter.

10. Gripsnap

This is a magnetic monopod that can hold your camera device and which will stick to any metal surface so that you can take a selfie.

One of the commonest reasons that sociologists will ascribe for the selfie-rage is obviously the human race’s proclivity to exhibitionism. But where the roots of this particular inclination lies is another matter. Some speculate that it has got to do with our sex drive, others that it’s more to do with our thirst for power. Whatever be the reason, selfies, it seem are here to stay. And these craziest self-e gadgets could take the story of the self-image to newer heights.


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