People Shared Extraordinarily Awkward Life Hacks

These life hacks suggested by people are not going to help you in any case, they may put you in some serious trouble. But when it comes to the usefulness of this article, it can guarantee you a smile. These tips are hilarious and worth sharing!

From your laptop charger to heat your snacks., or wear this to avoid anyone from entering into your ‘personal space’, you will find many such shitty and downright insensible life-tips here. Take a time to laugh!

#1. Don’t buy new socks. Use the permanent marker and save money.

#2. Use your laptop charger to heat your snacks.

#3. Use duct tape on your fork if you have no spoons in your office.

#4. Use your hood to store food and enjoy eating.

#5 Create a loop with wire to get infinite power.

#6 Cut tennis balls in half to save space.

#7 Wear this to avoid anyone from entering into your ‘personal space’.

#8 Use toilet seat as a dining table to eat while watching TV.

#9 Use your car’s seat belt as a cap opener.

#10 Magnify your phone screen by putting it in a glass of water.

#11 Want to sneak in theaters with a chocolate bar? This could be the way!

#12 Keep a glove filled with beans on your baby’s back to make him feel loved and protected.

Wondering how any of these didn’t come to your mind? Well, common-sense does exist.


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