16 Hilarious Indian Billboards That Will Have You In Splits

India never lags behind when it comes to entertainment. Be it the most productive film industry in the world, or the extreme creativity of the people, India has grabbed an envying position for itself.

Much to our disappointment this creativity sometimes goes a wrong way, creating barrier between us and our pride. Height of creativity turns into height of insanity in a few seconds of watching these signboards that can only be seen in our incredible country.

There are signboards and then there are signboards in India. The difference is made a big one by these shop keepers and hoardings. They don’t give a damn about spellings. Or is it deliberate just to grab our attention. Have a look at them.

1. Restricted areas-for dead bodies or not for dead bodies?

2. That’s quite an offensive way to forewarn us. LOL!

3. Do secret pockets account for underwear pockets? Mystery solved!

4. That’s not very appealing.

5. What’s going on in here?

6. Are they provoking us or warning us?

7. I’m sure nobody won’t pluck the latter one.

8. It is not open because it is closed. A very good explanation!

9. If you want to arrange a love marriage, contact him.

10. Accident ‘porn’ area

11. Pack your bags guys!

12. Dead parents are mandatory to be present here.

13. Heavy erection under progress.

14. All the couples need to find this park asap.

15. Magic of hands for hands.

16. First ever mistake gone right.

Which one of these hilarious Indian billboards made you LOL the most? Also, what’s the worst billboard you’ve seen in your city. Share it all with us in the comments section below.


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