Marriage  is a great feeling for the  newly wed couples & they often develop some habits that may not seem irritating to them, but can be annoying to their friends & family.

Sometimes, people go on as if they are the only ones on earth to have gotten married. Every single  phase of their relationship is kept up to date for us all to know, from their “being committed” to “got married” and then “blessed with a baby”. Couples should start living a life for themselves but not for flaunting on  Facebook & twitter !!

Here’s 9 annoying things couples do :

1.Posting their Wedding Photos :

Posting their Wedding Photos

Yes, we know you’re married already. Fine, but you don’t need to change your profile photo to you as a bride every anniversary.

2.Get Too Cosy :

Get Too Cosy

Seriously, PDA aka Public display of affection often freaks your friends and family. Posting every intimate moment that you shared on the bars, restro or in the room is too much to digest.

3. Matching Clothes :

Matching Clothes

Wearing same colors and matching clothes reminds me off twin siblings. Please stop doing that !

4. Getting Inked with Each others names :

Getting Inked with Each others names

Stop being another “SAFEENA” as it is totally outdated.

5.Ditch your Friends:

Ditch your Friends

You constantly ditch your friends to spend your weekends with your partner.

6. Selfie Couples :

Selfie Couples

Please limit yourself to a Facebook album , and definitely do not get confused into thinking your Instagram followers need a new couple pic every day of the week.

7. Obsessed with hashtags# :

Obsessed with hashtags

Some couples are obsessed with using hashtags like “best hubby ever”, “romantic, #date and so on. Seriously, #stop#doing#that.

8. Counting Day of Togetherness :

Counting Day of Togetherness

It is great you have completed a month together. But, we are not at all interested in knowing that ! Stop spamming my news feed.

9. Posting Lovey-Dovey comments on Facebook Wall:

Posting Lovey-Dovey comments on Facebook Wall

While it’s great that your spouse is an awesome dude but maybe you should tell him that  in person.
Please, for the love of our friendship, new couples, stop doing these nine things. Feel free to forward this article to your “couple”  & “To be couple” friends.


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