The months of vacation are finally here! Don’t worry if after your spouse’s altercations and children’s pleading, you just can’t decide where to go.

We have for you the 10 best Instagram Travel Accounts that you need to check out. Once you’ve added them to your Insta feed, you’ll have a new desired travel destination in no time…

Within India-

Some Indian Instagram travel accounts would make you fall more in love with the scenic beauty of India. Here goes the Indian Insta travel accounts-

1.Rishi aka The.Indian.Traveller-

Here is a link to his Insta account-

An engineer by profession, Rishi still follows his passion of photography. He steps out on the streets of India, not only to travel, but to explore himself on these journeys.


2.Anurag Banerjee-

Here is a link to his Insta account- Mumbaikar who explores feelings in photography. He prefers to shoot in black and white in order to provide a classic, vintage look. Such hues also serve the purpose of exploring feelings in images.

3.India Pictures-

Here is the link to the Insta account-



This account displays images clicked from all over India.

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4.Abhinav Chandel aka Abhiandnow-

Here is the link to their Insta account-

"My parents were rich, both of them were working, we had a big house and cars. I always received whatever I asked for, and I was studying in the best of schools in Kullu. I was good at studies, until all the luxuries started making me feel like I was a king's son. Which lead me to all sorts of bad habits, I got into a wrong company, and was addicted to drugs. And today I couldn't even remember anything for long, because of all the charas I ended up smoking while growing up in school days." . "I slowly started losing interest in studies, my friends were goons, or people who made me lose all my interest in studies, and all I did was to smoke up all the time." . "What happened then?" . "I lost my mother, and the girl I loved on the same day. While my mother passed away, that girl left me because of who I had become. And soon after, my dad remarried, and all this brought me to a point, where I was depressed until one day I realised where I had led myself to." . "It has been almost a decade since I'm driving a taxi, I spent sometime in narcotics rehabilitation center, got rid of all my friends, but I now have memory issues due to addiction." . "But today I'm at a better place, I have a wife and a little daughter, she goes to nursery school and now recites four poems, and I'm going to give her everything she asks for, she can do whatever she wants in life and I'll make sure she gets everything as long as she doesn't become an addict like me. Which is also a reason I don't want a son, I think he'll become a rogue like me. But I'm very happy with my daughter, she's all I want, and she's the reason I'm going to work hard." . "Looking back I think if I hadn't become an addict, I would've been an officer instead of a taxi driver, but I'll make sure my daughter follows a responsible path." . "I hope so." . #ConversationsFromSpiti . . . For those who've followed my previous conversations series from Kashmir and Kullu, this is another one, where I'll be presenting my conversations with the people of Spiti, giving an insight into their daily life.

A post shared by Abhinav Chandel (@abhiandnow) on


Abhinav Chandel not only adds images to his account, but also poetry and stories going along with the images.

5.NatGeo Traveller India-

Here is the link to their Insta account-


NatGeo Traveller India’s Insta feed is a must follow for every enthusiastic traveler. From plants and animals to landscapes and people, it shows us different features of the country in a click.

Outside India-

1. Johan Lolos – World Explorer

Here is the link to his Insta account-

Oh Wanaka…

A post shared by Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker) on


Johan is one of my absolute favorite instagrammers. He is originally from Belgium, but seldom ever goes back there. You cannot help but feel the tingling when you go through his gallery!

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2. Jaharn Giles-

Here is the link to his Insta account-

Oh Wanaka…

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The person behind @misterweekender is not a man but the wonderful Jaharn. Her pictures are all in a very light style and have something wild about them. She travels every weekend.

3. Adrien Leyronas-

Here is the link to his Insta account-

Who wants to share this view with me ? ☀️ #découvrirensemble

A post shared by Adrien Leyronas | @frenchfolks (@adrienleyronas) on


Adrien spends most of his time in Paris and takes absolutely wonderful pictures of the city. From time to time he will take you along on wonderful adventures to other cities or out in nature. Its a must to follow him if you are in love with Europe!

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4. jordanherschel-

Here is the link to his Insta account-


Living in California, right by Lake Tahoe on the border to Nevada. San Fransisco, Big Sur and Yosemite National Park are not far. Jordan’s Instagram pictures take you on an adventure hunt through California and will really awaken the wanderlust in you.

5. Emilie Ristevski-

Here is the link to her Insta account-

Looking back down never-ending desert roads…✨🚌 Photo 📷 @jasoncharleshill

A post shared by Hello Emilie (@helloemilie) on

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Emilie’s Instagram account always gets my heart racing – her pictures are just that beautiful! Her gallery is mostly images with her photographed from behind, always wearing a hat and with a breathtaking landscape or just a plain field in the background. She always manages to keep her style and her images of light are especially great. Be it mountains, desert or jungle, I always want to dive right into the images myself!

Do not forget to follow them or check their instagram accounts for adding more travel spots in your checklist. Get your spirit of fernweh rekindled by viewing their amazing gallery.

Happy wanderings!


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