Everyone can agree – Being a college student is difficult! Coming away from home, adjusting to a new city, hostel life, tremendous work load, finally being your own boss (and thus having to make smart life choices all by yourself) –  it’s a major lifestyle change. Even for people who go to college from home, it can be difficult. The toughest thing? Attendance. Food issues and home sickness are ever present. So here are some hacks that might make it a little easier to live the life of a college student.

1.Download BunkMate :

This app is like a silver lining to all the heavy clouds of attendance that your college brings in your life. You just have to enter the number of classes and minimum required attendance , this app will keep telling you how many classes you can miss without losing the minimum required attendance. We know bunking is bad , so this is a healthy way of bunking because you will know when to stop. Also its not necessary that you will always bunk for a wrong thing, you can seriously be sick at times!

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2. Don’t Withdraw :

Some colleges have brilliant canteens, and we bet it is very hard to control yourself while eating. When you are alone in a different city, money is something that you must have for all kinds of emergencies. And we all know that mostly all our money goes on food, so don’t withdraw until your wallet is totally empty. This way you will not have extra money to buy food. And the best part? If you have enough money in the end of the month, you can go partying with friends!

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3. Specially for girls, some boys too :

Laziness is another thing that can’t be controlled when you are away from home because you have no one to tell you to get up and get to work . Generally girls want to look smashing in the morning. As do boys, of course. But for girls those long locks can be a problem . We are sure you think that you will shampoo them in the morning but end up sleeping that extra time . So, you end up going with greasy hair to college . Well, try this – put lots of oil in your hair at night. Or better yet ask your roommate to put it for you . Now you know that you will have to wake up and shampoo in the morning , no choice left. Triple benefit –  Nutrition for the hair , a free massage and beautiful hair in the morning!

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5. Make the alarm useful :

When in college its very hard to get up on time , this is for people who put 10 alarms , keep putting them on snooze and end up going late to class . Put two alarms , now put your phone or alarm clock a little away from you . Maybe on the table or a side stool , where you can hear the alarm but to shut it off , you would have to get off the bed. Bed is the most important thing for sleep , once you have get off it , your priority of going to class will also wake up.

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6.Buy a Kettle :

This is one thing that can save you from dying of hunger, and save time too . Buy an electric kettle for yourself. Its a very good investment for a college student , because somehow there is a cash crunch always . So , when you feel super hungry , throw the laziness out of you , persuade yourself that you don’t need to go to a restaurant. You simply need hot cup noodles , instant soup , Maggie or boiled eggs . All of these items are very pocket friendly and tasty. You can cook them in your kettle sitting on your bed so why go out and spend so much money?

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7. Decorate your room :

We know – hostel rooms can be very depressing. And homesickness is a common ailment brought out by those drab, boring walls. So simply add a dash colour to that hole in the wall! Decorate your room with fairy lights , pictures, posters or anything you like, and just notice the change . If it looks amazing, and lighting is also good, ofcourse your friends would want to spend time in your room. BAM, instant popularity! Customise it, make it your own. Make it your home away from home!

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8.Carry water to class!

We know, we know, you are not a child, who needs to be nagged about drinking water and all. But, like, drink water beta, water really helps! For one purpose only – if you feel sleepy in class , just chug lots of water! Also if your friends know you have water , they will wake you up to ask for it ! And maybe you can stop yourself from falling asleep . Worth a try, right?

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8.Tired of having your pens stolen or borrowed?

Its not school , in college people have no problem in taking your pens or asking you for pens and never returning them, and you cant even ask . Because you will get a reply like ‘ Dude its not school , just a pen’ . But it gets irritating when you buy pens and others just take yours, here’s what you can do ; Buy a red pen and put a blue refill in it or black too . Now when someone asks you for a pen  answer them ‘ Sorry i just have a red pen’ . No one writes with a red pen and you are saved!

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9.Have a designated question master :

When you have to give a presentation in class, it might get difficult to answer question that you haven’t heard before. So , chose a friend and give him/her  a list of questions that you know and tell him/her to make sure that no one can ask other questions apart from the ones that you gave . Do the same thing for that friend as well . And Voila good marks are on their way .


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10. Don’t just study :

Many people think that in college if they get good grades they will get amazing placements. Yes grades help but that’s definitely not it ! College is important to make a career but in competitive days like now , you need something extra to give you that little edge above the others . SO try to take part in as many co- curricular activities as you can, volunteer and do social work because these things will look great on your resume and make you stand out of the crowd.

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