There are many people in the world who wants peace and silence, a house, a family and a regular 9-5 job in their lives. There is nothing wrong with this kind of lifestyle while there are many people that dream of chasing a less conventional life. But if you are one of those persons who wants to be free- spirited and want to move away from the regular conventional careers and want to make your life in some unconventional careers than there is a way to fulfill your dreams and your passions.

Here we have mentioned 10 unconventional careers which are totally loved by people all around the world.

1.    Waterslide Tester

This unconventional career is the best for the people who love to go on all the waterslides available to them. If you are one of them then this is the perfect job you can proceed with. You get to test all the waterslides and even get paid for it without even spending your own money!!

2.    Wine Taster

Just imagine you want to taste each and every type of wine available and you don’t have money to do that! Then this strange career is the best option for all those wine lovers.  You will get to taste the most expensive wines of the world just for free and even you will be paid for it.

3.    Hotel Reviewer

This unconventional career is the perfect career for the person who loves to live in hotels and want to visit every damn luxurious hotel in the world. Being a hotel reviewer you will get to stay in all those beautiful hotels you always wanted to stay in without even spending a single penny!!

4.    Food Explorer

Are you a Foodie? Then why not became a food explorer for a company. This job will allow you to taste varieties of diverse and exotic food around the world without you being paying for them, instead of getting money in return.

5.    Bartending

Bartending can be a mind baffling job for some people while or others, it can be a big mistake. Before you pick to bartend as your career, remember that people would presume you to know about all the drinks, how they taste and what would it feel like to drink it.

6.    Travel Jockey

There are people who love to travel a lot and thus being a travel jockey is the greatest thing in their life. They get to travel several places and this helps them to see different sights and get a lot of experience and memories for a lifetime!!

7.    Photographer

Photography is becoming the next top career these days. Most of the people are attracted in this field. It not only allows you to visit new places but also make you learn the hardships of life sometimes. You can get your clicked photographs being published in a magazine or on a site which is like an icing on the cake!!

8.    Paradise Island Caretaker

Do you all remember the job hiring movement that went viral? It was for this same position on Hamilton Island on The Great Barrier Reef. The profession requires the person to relax and enjoy his experience and at the same time blog about their experiences on the island.

9.    Warcraft Game Tester

If you also love playing the Warcraft game and can regard yourself as an expert in the game, then why not get paid for it. Corporations are offering several jobs of being a game tester, why not become one??

10.Fashion Blogger

There are people who are crazy about fashion. Becoming a fashion blogger is such a thing that helps them to spread their craziness to other people also. They write about the latest trend and give their expert fashion opinions.


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