Let’s talk about a usual sight at our Friday night clubs. Dapper men in dress shirts, women resembling disco balls and men in shoes that could replace the knives in your kitchen. But before we proceed and talk about a frequent horror, let’s arrive at a conclusion that all of us like looking good. Now, if you’re one of those giving us affirmation here, it’s time to step out of your awful (read: hideous) pointy toe shoes! None of us like them, not even the girls. If your non-existent sex life wasn’t reason enough, here are everyday pictures that’ll make you trash your disgusting lace-ups today.

Can we talk about the slim-fit trousers here first? Let’s not. Let’s turn to the material of the shoe straight. Is that even leather, or what on earth is that? This couldn’t have gotten worse.

What geometry is this? I don’t think I was taught these lessons in school.

This is exactly how those shoes appear to us in public. Yeah, they literally look THAT bad.

I’ve personally seen a hundred men wear this one, with shiny blue shirts tucked into their trousers. Is that a Saturday night outfit, really? You’re not going to get a girl like that. Or a promotion, believe us!

And here’s a picture of Sanjay Dutt wearing this horrid pair. Someone needs to tell him that we are not in 1994 anymore!


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