Along with a plenty of the sunshine and beautiful flora welcoming you everywhere, summers also add to your electricity cost. With people spending a maximum of their day time inside their houses or offices, the air conditioning costs surge manifolds, thereby burning a hole in your pockets. Is there no alternative (read inexpensive) and natural relief measure that can bring down the temperatures, at least inside your homes? You just landed at the right place, bud!

Today, we are gonna talk about some cooling plants you can grow inside your home to bring down the temperature and cleanse the air. Besides regulating the temperature inside the walls, these beautiful plants also amp up the aesthetic value of your homes.

If you are wondering on how those technology-devoid plants can cool down the temperatures, then here’s a simple answer to that – the water lost by plants during transpiration cools down the air around the plants, rendering the atmosphere clean, fresh, and purified.

So, open your doors to these amazing plants and you will never complain of heat again, not inside your home at least.

1. Snake plant

Ideal to be placed in your bedroom, this plant – unlike other plants – releases oxygen at night. Releasing oxygen while you sleep, it will ensure you a good night’s rest by keeping the air around you fresh and cool. It is also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue; do I need to explain that bit?

2. Aloe vera

Rich in medicinal and soothing properties, aloe vera is one of those plants that can work wonders in bringing down the ambient temperatures. In addition, it is also quite effective in enhancing the indoor air quality by purifying the air of toxins and formaldehyde.

3. Areca palm tree

This is one of the most popular living room plants that can be found in many households. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the living rooms and bringing down the room temperature, Areca palm tree has high air purifying properties and can cleanse the air naturally.

Tip: Choose a plant with a thicker trunk at the base if you do not want to be investing too much time in its maintenance.

4. Boston fern

One of the most preferred and loved indoor plants, the Boston fern acts as a natural air purifier and humidifier. Though a majority of people use it as a decorative element, this green beauty also has high purifying properties and can cool down your indoor temperature naturally.

5. Baby rubber plant

Effective in purifying and cooling down the indoor air, baby rubber plant is an ideal natural cooling alternative to those buzzing air conditioners. It doesn’t require a lot of water but needs rich soil to thrive.

6. Ficus tree or weeping fig

Get a respite from the fiery sun by planting a ficus tree at home. Not only does the plant cool down the air indoors, but can also rid your house of airborne pollutants, leaving your surroundings odorless and pure.

Just ensure you keep it in a well-lit area, like near a window that gets ample sunlight or near your balcony door.

7. Golden Pothos

Requiring very little maintenance, this plant is ideal for those who are not very garden savvy. However, dare not mistake its low maintenance for its low quality for this is an excellent air purifier and can remove toxins like xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde from your ambiance. Besides, it can thrive in partial sunlight and doesn’t even need much water.

All you need to ensure is it has enough space as it grows quickly and requires a lot of room.


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