We all need a deep closet cleanse, but before you go full down make a list of items you want to keep. At the top should be anything that still holds special memories for you or an item you want to save for your future child. While we’re not suggesting you hoard every single t-shirt, dress, or jewelry piece before you decide to say bye to it, make sure you won’t regret your decision. Ahead, we’ve rounded up seven important items you should never, ever throw out. No matter what season or year it may be, these pieces are pretty darn special.

1.Your First Big Designer Purchase

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

Fashion-lovers know all too well the giddy feeling you get from buying your first big designer purchase. For many, that means saving up paycheck after paycheck for the bag you’ve always wanted. No matter how much your style has changed since you bought the item, don’t give away or sell your piece. Leave it on display as a reminder of how hard you worked for it.

2.Vintage Tees

Your collection of vintage band tees or concert merch (we’re eyeing you, Coachella tank) will come in handy always. You can wear them to bed or dress them up with jeans and, lucky for you, we spotted worn-in tees all over Fashion Week, so they’re still in. Thank goodness

3.Clothes That Have Sentimental Value

The brooch your grandmother gave you, your alma matter hoodie, that baseball cap your dad got you at your first game together — all these items have sentimental value that can’t be replaced in your closet. Even if you hardly wear the item, never part with it because some things money just can’t buy.

4.Your Most Worn-In, Comfy-as-Can-be Pair of Jeans

We may be in the market for new jeans, but there’s always that one pair you can’t seem to toss. You know, the denim that hugs in all the right places, makes your butt look good, and probably no longer exists in the same style at the store. If that’s the case, definitely don’t toss the jeans away.

5.Your Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is one of those items that looks better and better with each wear. It’s hard enough to find one that fits and is within budget (I’m still searching), so when you finally land the lucky one, don’t be so quick to give it up. They’re harder to come by than you think.

6.Travel Mementos

Some people collect postcards or magnets when they travel, but for fashion girls, we’ll check out the style abroad. Whether it be a pair of elephant pants you bought from Thailand or a pair of hand-woven sandals from Africa, these special pieces deserve a little section in your closet. Who knows when you’ll come across them again?

7.Items You Want to Pass on to Your Daughter

The best reason to not throw something out is if you’re saving it for your daughter. This may be a wedding dress or an heirloom necklace, but regardless of what it is, the piece is pretty damn special. So, take care of it and then pass it on to your little one!


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