Call them mini laptops, call them small laptops, call them ultraportable laptops or call them ultrabooks. Whatever you want to call them, these high-performing thin and light laptops are convenient to the max. The world of mini laptops is always changing so I definitely recommend checking here for updates and new products.

I’m frequently traveling or working outside the office so I like my laptops small (mini, in fact). Ever shrinking bezels, thinner keys and more efficient chips have enabled manufacturers to give us mini laptops with decently-large screens that somehow retain small overall footprints. The problem is that there are so many laptops to choose from these days it’s hard to narrow down which are actually worth buying.

And by worth buying I mean mini laptops that aren’t just small but that are also powerful enough to get some real work done (or gaming and streaming depending on what you’re after). These laptops, some of the smallest laptops in the world, are far from something like a Chromebook that would just let you get by doing minimal computing tasks. These laptops here are serious beasts — some of the best laptops on the planet.

Below I’m going to give you the very basics in terms of info and I’m not going to put a heavy emphasis on processors and speed because those specs are pretty customizable. My job is to round up the best, smallest laptops to make your job of researching which one to buy as easy as possible. So get after it (many of the machines below do more than I can mention here so make sure to do a deeper dive on anything that piques your interest).

HP Spectre x360

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Weight: 2.89 lbs | Thickness: .55″

If I were personally in the market for a new Windows-based mini laptop I’d be inclined to go with the HP Spectre X360. This 2-in-1 (tablet + laptop) is HP’s nicest looking laptop… well, ever. Aside from its great looks, though, it packs some interesting features including an awesome hinge, the ability to charge a phone or tablet while the laptop is in sleep mode and a 4K screen (on certain models). Plus this guy packing an audio system from B & O which is great. If you’re looking for power and versatility with your portability and want something that looks great to boot this might be the best of the smallest laptops for you.

Razer Blade Stealth

Screen Size: 12.5″ | Weight: 2.84 lbs | Thickness: .52″

What do you get when a company known for making awesome gaming computers attempts to make the ultimate Ultrabook? The Razer Blade Stealth. You’ll immediately notice that this beast has a completely different look than anything else on the market and personally, I think it’s pretty awesome. The Stealth is just barely half an inch thick, comes with a 4K (or QHD) display and has a battery that lasts up to nine hours. But something that really sets the Stealth apart is that it can be connected to the Razer Core via Thunderbolt 3 for upgraded performance. The only thing small about this mini laptop is its form factor.

MacBook Pro

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Weight: 3.02 lbs | Thickness: .59″

The new (and long awaited) MacBook Pro is not your average Apple laptop. On top of being sleeker and more powerful than ever, it’s also sporting the new Touch Bar which adds some easy to access shortcuts and superpowers to your favorite MacOS apps. It’s certainly unique among laptops. Oh, and it’s got the brightest and most colorful display of any Mac ever. I’ll freely admit it: I’m an Apple fan and this is my goto laptop. As a video editor and writer, it provides the best workflow for me so it’s great to have such a powerful beast in such a portable package.

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Weight: 2.7″ | Thickness: .54″

Dell’s XPS lineup is no joke and now the XPS 13 2-in-1 is here to bring even more functionality to an already great lineup. Everything about the XPS 2-in-1 is thinner and lighter but I especially love the almost non-existent bezel (or InfinityEdge display). Being a 2-in-1 this laptop also converts into a tablet. Other notable features include a fan-less design for ultra-quiet performance, a battery that will last 13-15 hours depending on your activity, a QHD+ screen, a charger that also acts as a backup battery and a dynamic power mode. This is an extremely versatile computer that does as much as a laptop can.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Screen Size: 10.1″ | Weight: 1.52 lbs | Thickness: .16″ (flat)

The Lenovo Yoga Book is being billed by the company as the world’s thinnest and lightest 2-in-1. What they really mean is the thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 with a screen size of at least 10.1″ and a keyboard. Any way you slice it, that’s impressively small and light. One very unique aspect of this laptop is that it employs a software-optimized Holo Keyboard with haptic feedback which appears when needed and disappears when not. While many 2-in-1 machines let you draw on the screen, the Lenovo Yoga Book lets you draw where the keyboard would normally be kind of like a separate drawing tablet which is potentially very cool for artistic people or businesspeople who like to markup documents. Plus you can get a Yoga Book in Android or Windows varieties!

Acer Swift 7

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Weight: 2.46 lbs | Thickness: .39″

The Acer Swift 7 is insanely thin — it’s definitely the thinnest laptop on this list. But other than it’s very thin design and black and gold color scheme, there’s not a lot to say about this laptop. Its thinness is it’s stand out feature and it really doesn’t have any other outstanding or unusual qualities about it to separate it from the rest of the mini laptops. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. If you just want a super-portable laptop that’s pretty straightforward this is a great bet.

Asus ZenBook Flip

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Weight: 2.86 lbs | Thickness: .54″

You can’t look into the best mini laptops and pass over the Asus ZenBook Flip with it’s sleek, well-designed chassis and the ability to go up to 10 hours in between charges. I really like the I/O options on this machine since you get not only USB 3.0 and USB Type-C ports but also a mini-HDMI as well. If you’re looking for a great typing experience amongst the smallest laptops the Asus ZenBook Flip won’t disappoint: the full-size keys are optimized for a desktop-like typing experience.


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