Think you are a pro at French and Dutch braiding? Let’s take it a step further by trying to recreate these super-cute hairstyles that will make you look chic and sexy at the same time. These 7 hairdos can be created for each day of the week depending on your mood and the level of difficulty.

We give you a lowdown on these seemingly complex hairstyles with step-by-step guide in pictures that will have you ready to roll within 5 minutes. These hairstyles have a stamp of approval from the Pinterest community so you know that you are on the right track.

  • Monday

Welcome the new week in style by fashioning this simple yet extremely creative look for Monday. When you’ve got the Monday blues and want to limit your time in dolling up, try this adorable look in 4 easy steps.

  • Tuesday

Try this look for Tuesdays and we are sure you will be loaded with compliments. It works well with formal, office wear and takes under 5 minutes to get right. It has an air of femininity that makes for a picture perfect look.


  • Wednesday

Wednesdays when you are in a hurry, try this hairstyle for a quick and effortless transition into a super-sexy, edgy woman. Dutch braids add a level of intricacy that will wow the onlookers for sure.

  • Thursday

Mid-week Thursdays are reserved for poise and elegance, don’t ya agree? Therefore, don this hairstyle and work your magic to become the talk of the town or your office.

  • Friday

Fridays are all about complex hairdos but whoever said anything about it having to be difficult? This look makes you feel like a pro hairstylist and the simple trick (that is repeated again and again) will have you smile secretly at its level of ease.

  • Saturday

This chic hairdo is perfect for a Saturday when you are decked up for a party. It keeps the hair away from your face so you can focus on other important things. It will compliment your evening wear and give you a well-groomed and elegant look.

  • Sunday

Sundays are your day-off, so just relax and work your hair in a bang braid that is a no-fuss hairdo. Pull back your hair in a ponytail or bun and you have managed to look classy without much effort.


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