Our top choice of entertainment, namely movies, have some strong and most anticipated ones waiting for a release date. Movie buffs have a lot to look forward to as we count down the eight best movies to look forward to in the coming months as the year draws to a close. As we step into the second half of 2017, let’s see the upcoming movies that will either keep us on the edge of our seats or have us reaching for the tissue more often.

Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23)

Michael Bay is back at it again! This year with even bigger machines and a stellar cast headed by Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins and Gemma Chan. Fans of the franchise have a lot of adrenaline-pumping chaos to look forward to in the fifth installment of the highly successful franchise.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7)

Our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman returns for another thrill at the box office. This time fighting the evil Vulture in the form of Michael Keaton with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) guest starring. Tom Holland is the young Peter Parker struggling with his new found powers and identity. Initial screenings have been met with enthusiasm and excitement especially from the comic book fans.

Dunkirk (July 21)

If you are a movie buff and love the artistic storytelling of Christopher Nolan, then this movie is a must-watch. With a stellar star cast in Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles the film retells the story of the mass evacuation of the Allied soldiers at the beginning of the Second World War in 1940.

Atomic Blonde (August 11)

The graphic novel named The Coldest City serves as an inspiration for this adult spy movie. Starring Charlize Theron, and set in the cold war period, it has the actress pulling off some hard-hitting action scenes. With a stylish visual treatment and a bad-ass protagonist it is sure to create some ripples after release.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (September 29)

This sequel to the 2014’s Kingman: The Secret Service is a British spy film that brings together Taron Edgerton as Eggsy and Colin Firth as Harry. Touted as one of the best movie adaptations of a comic book in recent history, we have high expectations from this one, and hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Blade Runner 2049 (October 6)

This film takes place 30 years after the events in its prequel Blade Runner (directed by Ridley Scott). Starring Ryan Gosling, fresh from the success of La La Land, and Harrison Ford in pivotal roles, it is being helmed by Denis Villeneuve. The film seems promising and has created a buzz among fans eager to know if it stands up to the original.

Darkest Hour (November 24)

What is it about movies on World War II that manages to generate Oscar buzz every time? With Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement) directing Gary Oldman as the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the early days of WWII expect nothing short of brilliance. Anticipate a thrilling time with the ensuing mind games and critical decisions involving the Nazi Germany that shaped the outcome.

(The trailer is not out yet)

Star Wars Episode VIII (December 15)

This is probably the most anticipated film of this year. Fans of the franchise are universal and the eight episode (still untitled) is sure to score big at the box office. The brilliant director Rian Johnson is all set to bring his vision of a galaxy far far away to life this December.

(The trailer is not out yet)


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