Women and shoes, particularly stilettos, have a complicated relationship. You can’t live without them and can’t live with them either. If you are anything like me then, you spend most of your time fantasizing about owning a shoe closet all to yourself. While some have actually managed to achieve that, for the rest of us (including me) let’s dream on.

Join me in oggling at some of the most crush-worthy shoes (because we just need an excuse really). Shoegasm is on full mode.

Gianvito Rossi has created embroidered satin sandals and we can’t stop squealing as our shoe fetish takes over.

The gingham slingbacks have an understated appearance yet manage to look cool and refined.

Bad-ass shoes for the rebel in you! The geometric cut-out, alternate white patterns give it a classy appeal and is stunning to look at.


These shoes get everything right. The beige color, the flower placed at the ankles, the strappy and open toe and platform heels. It is perfect for a summer afternoon out with friends.

Leopard print is a classic shoe pattern that you cannot do without in your shoe closet. It gives you an edgy, feline look while still looking elegant.

Thigh-high or knee-length boots are can never go out of fashion. Team it up over a pair of denim jeans or wear it with a short shift dress, you are guaranteed a chic look nonetheless.

Floral prints have taken over the shoe universe and the print not only looks good on stilettoes, wedges but also make a cute combination with sneakers.

Wedges are the safe alternatives to wearing pencil heels. However, when they look as tempting as this, you cannot resist buying a pair or two. (or more)Party wear shoes = shimmery golden heels. There is nothing quite as party-centric as bling on shoes like this one sold by ebay. Don’t you agree?

J.Crew knows that the right combination off accessories like bows and flattering patterns like stripes can make ballet flats as tempting as any other shoes.




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