Music has a universal language and is a great ice-breaker. But for some, the sound of a guitar strumming is a much more personal and intimate experience. If playing musical instruments is what you day dream about often, then all we wanna ask you is, what’s stopping you? No matter the reason for your reluctance, if you believe that music is your true calling, then no excuse is really good enough.

Well, as they say it’s never too late. Here are 10 musical instruments that you can learn easily based on your preference and liking.


It may seem like a mini-sized guitar, and with just four strings and a similar shape, it might just be. The ukulele was used in Hawaiian music but has now found more mainstream use. The sweet sound and the easy chord shapes make it a natural choice for novice music learners to choose.


It is also known as the “Blues harp” as it is used extensively in jazz, blues, country and folk music. It is difficult to sound bad on a harmonica as any note you play will be “in key”. The sound coming out of a harmonica is sweet and melodious. It is portable so you can basically practice anywhere.


Piano may seem difficult because you have to learn both hand coordination at the same time. But in fact, it is easier for adults as the notes are laid out for you and is a very common instrument learnt by adults. Nevertheless, the hypnotizing sound produced is worth the effort, really.


The xylophone has a similar layout like the piano with bars but they have to be struck with mallets to produce melodious sound. It is so easy that you will find kids taking a dig at it.


It involves two conjoined drums that is placed between the knees and struck with palms and fingers to produce amazing sounds. You will hear a lot of bongo sounds in salsa music and once you get the rhythm right, its easy to be a pro.


It’s the no. 1 musical instrument used in music. Therefore, many people learn it as it has wide application as a career. But honestly speaking, there is no match for a guitar because its sound is so soothing that you cannot resist wanting to learn it.


The sound made by a violin is mesmerizing to say the least. Played with a bow, this instrument is usually placed on the left side at chin rest. If you want to play an instrument that is mellow yet powerfully moving, learning the violin is your safest bet.


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