Tattoos are all the rage right now. They have become more mainstream and are no longer the domain of the wild child or the punk rock kid. In fact, tattoos have emerged as a symbol of self-expression and a creative way to acknowledge and appreciate certain people and events from our lives.

From a simple sketch to elaborate designs, and innovative body parts to get inked on, tattoos have evolved like no other. Below are 10 of the most unique, Pinterest-worthy tattoo ideas that will have you ready to get inked on (again) in an instant.

The arm tattoo is a great idea as it depicts the creation of man in relation to God. It’s unique, out-of-the-box and helluva conversation-starter.

This tattoo made me literally just go Whoa! The 3D effect is so surreal that it is hard to believe that it is inked on. I can’t seem to find a better visual than this for people who enjoy a tryst with danger.

Flowers are the no.1 design that most people think of when contemplating getting a tattoo. The variations and degree of complexity have no limits, literally.

Tattoos become significant when they hold a special meaning in our lives. This tattoo is symbolic of our strengths and evolution as human beings and for that reason, it is impactful and special.

The back can be a great canvas for your personal expression. Ink it with inspirational quotes that have changed your life and the simple words with powerful meanings can be something that gets you going during tough times.

Or if you wanna go all out, then your entire back can be your canvas and you can be the artist. Bear in mind, these complex tattoos are completed over a no. of sessions so get ready to suffer for your art (haha!).

Shoulders are again a great place to get a tattoo. As it will be visible through most of your tops, you can flaunt these amazing pieces of creativity too. It gives you an edge and makes you the recipient of adulation.

Something small in size yet full of impact. The planetary tattoo is a cool, geeky way of expressing your love for the cosmos.

The sternum is a great and exceptional place to get a tattoo. The design has to be complementary though, and with a design as the one above, you can’t go too wrong.

Numbers are again a unique take on the classic tattoo. You can choose Roman numerals as well as they look stylish and contemporary. For eg., this crisp and noteworthy tattoo at the nape says it all.


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