Street fashion has emerged from exactly that, the streets. It can give haute couture a run for their money any day. That’s because it’s accessible and affordable (yay!) and you can explore and experiment with your wardrobe and be your own fashion designer.

We bring you 10 of the best-looking street styles from our social media fashion expert – Instagram. You can integrate these looks in your wardrobe as its classy, understated, preppy and everything in between.

It’s all about the sexy back and how! Instagram loyalist @alyssainthecity shows us how it’s done. Lately, a lot of designers have focussed on the most ignored asset in our physical arsenal. A well-toned back can be tantalizing when shown off in this way. The tie-up bow makes it extra feminine.

This blazer-style top has everything going for it. The stripes, the lapel and the belt and the buttons are a throwback to the yesteryears yet modern and chic enough for today.

Fashion is not limited to the size zero runway models. The style is more about the confidence that you wear rather than the outfit as shown by @the12ishstyle. As seen in the image below, the piping on the jacket gives the idea of a slimmer silhouette which is the best tip of this season.

Bikinis always make women nervous. But having a good sense of which problematic areas to cover up and where to allow skin show is the real trick, ladies. The dark, monochromatic color and the strategic cuts are what make this one-piece bathing suit rock.

Looking for some inspiration for accessories? Visit the Instagram account of @songofstyle. From earrings and necklaces that are minimalistic yet speak volumes, you will find a treasure hunt of the-next-big-thing on street fashion.

Gotta admit the woman knows a thing or two about style. Pairing a black polka-dot top with off-white pants would have seemed like not such a good idea. But 2017 is all about mixing and matching simple colors to create a bold impact.

Being a big fan of glitter myself, I swear by this look of @palomija. The blingy and bold earrings, the satin gown, the shimmering bag, all say one thing. That ‘bling is the ultimate thing’.

Lace and ruffles make for the ultimate sexy look. Combine the two with red lipstick and you will be unstoppable. Just take a cue from @palomija and you are sorted for this season.

Plaids are a fashion essential that can be teamed up with a plain shirt or denim. @carly teaches us how to wear plaids with other clothes or on their own, like the plaid shirt dress below, and look like a stand-out.

Instagram account holder @carly shows us how to look classy and effortless at the same time. The stripes, the red color, the one-shoulder bow, everything works perfectly on this suit.


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