Kate Middleton now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has followed the footsteps of her late mother-in-law. She has become a style icon in her own right with excessive media coverage over her smallest details. To be fair she is blessed with a natural poise and a down-to-earth personality that makes her relatable to the public world over.

Being married in the royal family has its perks. You get to live life king, err, queen size. And the tiaras at your disposal make you feel like a true princess. Let’s have a look at some of Catherine’s best tiara looks.

The Halo Tiara

The fairy tale wedding was made even special with Kate wearing the halo tiara. It was created by Cartier in 1936 and has 739 brilliant cut diamonds along with 149 baguette cut diamonds.

The Lotus Flower Tiara

The Duchess wore this tiara at the state banquet where she made polite chit-chat with the Chinese politicians. This tiara arrived on the scene in 1923 and has been seen adorning the heads of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

The Cambridge Lovers’ Knot Tiara

The tiara consists of 19 diamond arches and has many pearls that make up the design. It was worn by the late Princess Diana along with her Elvis dress in 1989.

The Duchess is rarely seen wearing tiaras. In fact, she has only worn them around 6 times. There have been other times that the Duchess has worn the same tiaras.

The Duchess chose to wear Princess Diana’s favorite tiara again (for the third time) while attending the state banquet to meet the King and Queen of Spain. The Lovers’ Knot tiara looks resplendent on her.

Also known as the Papyrus tiara for its design, the Lotus tiara appeared for the first time on the Duchess’ crown in 2013 at the Buckingham Palace Party.


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