DIY tricks come in handy most of the times in our lives. They save money as well as offer creative freedom and also build our skill set. As of late, the internet is full of DIY techniques to try out from clothes to shoes to accessories.

Galaxy printed t-shirts are cool, retro and have a degree of 3D effect (depending upon your technique). Although they make look complicated, the truth is that when you get down to it, it is pretty simple and fun.

Firstly, start with a plain t-shirt in black or white. Mainly a black t-shirt is preferred as it acts as a canvas where different color pop. Also, the dark galaxy look is perfectly achieved with a black top.

Line the inside of the shirt with plastic so that the color does not bleed through the shirt onto the other side. Use a water cum bleach mixture in the ratio of 3:7 in a spray bottle and mix thoroughly.

Spray the contents on the shirt where close sprays will end up looking like star clusters and the distant sprays will create depth. The bleach mixture will give an orange tinge to the black background eventually.

Twist the center of the shirt and spray the bleach mixture liberally. The bleach has to be dried either naturally under the sun or you can speed up the process using a hair dryer. This can take up to 30 minutes.

Rinse the shirt in lukewarm water. This will stop the bleach action from corroding the fabric and air dry the shirt.

Use a fabric white paint and a brush (or a toothbrush) and flick the paint onto the star clusters area of the shirt. This will give an impression of stars. Bear in mind that they have to be small enough to qualify as stars.

You can get larger blobs of white paint by dabbing the brush onto the shirt. This will look like constellations. Be mindful of not going overboard and keeping the size big enough for the sake of appearance.

Play with colors like yellow, green, purple and blue by using a sponge brush to smear the paint around the edge of the star clusters. Use thin acrylic paint as fabric paint may be too opaque for the desired effect.

Dilute the colors by dabbing with water or a paper towel. The water will help all the elements to blend smoothly without any one sticking out. Keep experimenting till you get the desired appeal.

When you are happy with the results, for the final touch let it air dry overnight. Then wash with cold water and air dry again.


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