Linkin Park, the global phenomenon has inspired a generation of angst-ridden teens and hopefully will continue to do so for future generations as well. Though it is sad to learn that the lead vocalist and songwriter Chester Bennington is not with us anymore. He committed suicide by hanging himself in his California home on July 20, 2017.

The global success of the band largely rested on their unique music fusing hip-hop elements with rock style of music. But for me, like most of the fans, it was the lyrics that struck a chord more than anything else. The music band covered topics that are universally experienced like depression, anxiety, failure and hopelessness.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to relive some of Chester’s and the band’s best songs.

Song – Numb

Album – Meteora

‘Numb’ quickly became one of Linkin Park’s most commercially successful songs. The lyric goes like ‘All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you’. The theme was relevant in 2003 and is relevant even today when we struggle to accept ourselves the way we are and feel societal and familial pressure to be someone different or better.

Song – Waiting For The End

Album – A Thousand Suns

Probably the best part of the song arrives when the singer states blankly that ‘The hardest part of ending is starting again’.

Song – What I’ve Done

Album – Minutes To Midnight

The song reminisces about the evolution of human civilization and how we have to forego what we have done in order to move ahead in life. The visuals are equally haunting and will leave you stunned for a moment or two.

Song – In The End

Album – Hybrid Theory

The opening piano riff is synonymous with the band’s most promising works. This song, like many others, talks about personal struggles and the feeling of reaching a point of hopelessness. And how no matter how much you try, in the end it simply doesn’t matter.

Song – Easier To Run

Album – Meteora

From lyrics that start with, ‘It’s easier to run replacing this pain with something numb’. This song resonates with the everyday struggles experienced by all of us. The great thing about this band is their ability to voice the most human emotions with heart-rending lyrics and backing it with emotionally sensitive music.

The band members have set up a tribute site in honor of their late band mate. His legacy lives on through his music. From all the fans worldwide, who were happy to witness his creative genius. #RIPCHESTER.


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