Zurich in Switzerland is mesmerizing during daytime, but what about its night life? Known as the party capital of Switzerland, Zurich doesn’t disappoint the night owls in need for a good time. Langstrasse is perfect for a night spent bar-hopping as the street is lined with a multitude of bars and clubs. Read on to figure out the best night spots for a memorable time in the land of the Swiss.


Spread over two floors with four bars, you are sure to have a gala of a time here. Among the most upscale bars in Zurich, the waiting line is long but once you get in and immerse in the electric atmosphere, you understand the enigma that the bar is.

Frau Gerold’s Garten

Apt for a mellow time with loved ones spent on wine & dine. Located at Kreis 5, this place is perfect for sipping on drinks while taking in the view. The seating area of the garden is surrounded by old shipping containers.

Andorra Bar

If you want to spend the night away getting drunk, this is probably your best choice. From Swiss beers to wines, brandy and whisky, the sheer variety will make your head spin. All this boozing is complemented by jazz music playing during summers which is the best way to enjoy your drink, if you ask me.


The venue is known for the live performances and concerts that take place night in night out. Located in the Zurich-West district, it offers music aficionados a good session in jazz, soul and blues and funk.

Bahnhofstrasse Shopping Street

If retail therapy is your way of unwinding, then head over to Bahnhofstrasse, the city’s premier shopping destination. Lined with high-end and branded shops it will offer you a visual delight. If it is not your cup of tea, then window-shopping is always an option for the economical shoppers.



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