Graffiti art is something that is just taking off in India. It is breaking the old perception of being subversive and rebellious and coming into its own as a form of creative and artistic expression. Plus, it looks totally cool on a boring, pan-splattered wall on the sidewalk.

Whether you are looking for some inspiration in art or just wanting to gaze at cool artworks with a fun and quirky element. Check out the 5 best graffiti artists of our times.


The artist who goes by the name Zake uses the style New School Wildstyle for his artworks. He draws influence from experienced and innovative artists like Smash 137, Boogie and Tones. Zake finds his work to be cathartic and an extension of his personality.


The street artist Yantr infuses mechanical elements into his artworks. From flying chariots to masked figures, all of his works are larger-than-life.


This mysterious artist (or artists?) hails from Kochi and that’s about as much as we know about him. But his work has gained a huge fan-following due to its satirical take on gender stereotypes and Indian society. Imagine Mona Lisa in a sari, Harry potter on a potter’s wheel and you will get the gist.

Baadal Nanjundaswamy

This Bengaluru artist has found a creative canvas to display his artworks. He generally paints around potholes and open manholes to take a dig at the civic issues through creative 3D paintings. His other works are equally splendid and worthy of mention.

Jheel Goradia

Jheel is a Mumbai based designer who paints about women empowerment and the hypocrisy surrounding it. By using instances from Hindi movies like Dirty Picture, Mardaani and Chameli and adding hard-hitting quotes she tackles issues like eve teasing, rape and virginity with aplomb.



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